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Alright then – call 901-598-8555!

You have decided to hire a beekeeper! If you need bee removal at a reasonable price who is experienced and humane – APEX Wildlife Control is our recommendation. We are honest, and provide an excellent service. We may even be able to give you some of the honey from the hive!

To contact APEX Wildlife to remove your honeybee problem call 901-598-8555 the number is right at the top corner of this page as well!

Honeybee removal is our business!

Some people call us about free bee removal – we do not provide our services for free but we can offer you free advice !

Hire an experienced honeybee removal company – not JUST a beekeeper! Beekeepers tend to know how to raise bees, and produce and collect honey but often do not know anything about the actual process of bee removal. Bee removal often involves much more than knowledge of bees – it also requires knowledge of construction and repair of a wall – and bees in an overhang of a roofline might even require a lift rental.