Bee Removal Cost

Bees are a part of nature. We don’t invite them into our homes, and the bees certainly don’t ask. So why would hiring a professional beekeeper to complete the services not be free? Well, although as beekeepers we enjoy our time in the field of maintaining bees and dealing with bees; because in honesty bees are truly magnificent creatures, it takes money for us, as professionals to do our job properly. There are several things that should be taken into account when deciding how much a bee removal could cost a customer.

The first cost in bee removal is of course transportation. With the wide range of locations and minimum bee operators locally on the map, bee professionals drive miles to visit one single customer. If the job is not completed in one day, the bee professional will then have to revisit the job site location again. The second and most commonly overlooked cost is time. Capturing and relocating bees is a very time consuming operation. It must be done diligently and carefully. It could take a bee professional an average of two to three days to completely harvest and remove the bees and their nest. In this case spending time with the bees is money.

That’s the simple things though. When you’re a bee professional there are quite a few things you would want to always have on hand to successfully complete your bee removal job. For starters it takes a large quantity of fairly expensive equipment to do the job just right. As a bee professional we like to invest in our equipment reassuring quality and high quality performance for our customers. Reliability in a metal or fiberglass ladder over a wooden one is far more than you could imagine when climbing so many feet in the air in a bee suit. That is just the beginning though. It takes all sorts of tools and chemicals to assure the bee job will be done just right.

Bees fly and are not afraid of heights. Sometimes our bee friends find themselves building a hive so high that a bee professional will have to use a lift. These lifts on average could cost your bee professional thousands of dollars depending on the time frame in which it is used. Each bee removal job is unique in its own way. It would be nearly impossible to have a set price for every bee job.

I assure you that your pricing from your bee professional is based upon the necessities needed to accurately complete the bee job, not based on accurately filling the bee professionals pockets.


You need a beehive removal person not a pest control guy who will just spray the bees!

Bee removal done wrong is always more expensive than doing it right the first time!

One time a guy had bees in his shed, he attempted to remove them with a shop vacuum he had attached to an upside down rubber maid tub. The plan was almost flawless, it wasn’t until the bees started pouring into the shed from around the handles that his plan went wrong.
Then it was too late the bees were loose and agitated – not safe and not fun!

Don’t risk your health (or someone else’s!) To save a few dollars!
Bees can be easily removed by professionals, and the cost of an inexperienced person could mean you have to pay twice.