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While we all love honey & honey bees it is sometimes necessary to remove bees. We get rid of honeybees from Memphis when they become a pest. We usually open up the wall and relocate them to a beehive where they can keep on making honey and being bees!


Bee Removal Services

Our bee removal services are unmatched. We get rid of the beehive, honeycomb, and bees as well as put the wall back together. So, in short, we do bee removal & repairs to help prevent a future occurrence. Be sure that your beekeeper can also do the repairs or you’ll have bees again in the exact same place!


Top 5 Cities we service for bee removal in Memphis

  1. Southhaven
  2. West Memphis, Arkansas
  3. Bartlett
  4. Germantown
  5. Collierville

If your city is not listed don’t worry this is just the top 5 – we service most areas within an hour of Memphis. If you’re having trouble finding someone give us a call.

Memphis bee removal expert at work!

Memphis bee removal expert at work!

When you think of Honey Bee removal in Memphis, some people think well what’s wrong with a few bees? What starts off as a buzzing in the walls, or a few bees can quickly escalate into a full swarm or worse you may find out that the bees have been there for quite some time and that swarm of bees actually came out of your own home. The wall of your house can serve as an awesome place for bees to build their nest and raise the young bees. We want to help you get rid of the bees and in so doing maybe even move them into a place of their own that isn’t going to bother anyone. A nice beehive in a meadow! The beekeeper shown here is examining a frame from a typical beehive. Beekeepers must look closely to find the queen. We work hard to remove the bees, making sure nobody gets hurt and at the best price possible. Bee removal must be done by a pro and whatever you do – DO NOT spray the bees with bee spray. this only serves to agitate them, because even though you will kill some of them the spray cannot get into the full nest site and the rest of the bees will be very angry often stinging the nearest person. Worse still would be that you DID kill all the bees – then the honey will no longer be protected and as bugs move in to devour the honey it will start to run and drip into the wall void, if this is between the first and second floor of your home – in the floor joist – you might just see your ceiling collapse! Again, bee removal MUST be done by an experienced bee keeper – NOT a pest control company, unless of course they actually have someone with experience removing the whole nest and not just spraying the bees. If you look around on the internet you will find many beekeepers who claim to know bee removal – but do your homework first before you hire! APEX wildlife control has a bee removal specialist and a place to actually relocate the bees to. Ask your potential bee removal guy WHERE they plan on relocating the bees to. You might start to hear them stutter! We relocate our bees to our very own wildlife preserve! You may even come visit your bees later on!