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This is about the common types of bees found to be a nuisance sometimes with the people of Tennessee. While we hold wildlife in high regard we also know that you cannot live safely with a yellow-jacket nest in the walls of your house. Often times, people want to know what kind of bee they have in the house, or garage and many times a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why we have this page. We hope you will be able to easily identify the type of bee you have as well as offer you a solution.

There are many kinds of bees in Tennessee, but we are frequently called out for Honeybees. Sometimes people want a FREE bee removal and do not consider that someone does bee removal for a fee. People think that the “city” should take care of it. Some people think the “state” should do something, while others think there is NOTHING that can be done as bees are “protected”.

In, Louisiana the Honeybee is the state insect and believe it or not it is NOT considered illegal to kill them. Be careful though as few sprays are labelled to kill honeybees, and the label is the law.

In Tennessee the Firefly is the state insect!


We prefer to humanely relocate honeybees, but other bees just cannot be relocated.

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